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    Customer payment processor usage 2024
    Percentage of users with invoices
    Christmas campaign registration comparison
    Leading Browsers for Invoiced Users

    I Won't Code - Company story

    Launched in November 2023, “I Won’t Code” is a user-friendly service that lets anyone build a website without knowing a thing about coding. You can create your site using drag-and-drop or check out our onboarding to truly master it. Once your website is ready, you can pick from multiple subscription plans to host it, ensuring flexibility for all.

    Event and database description

    Contacts interact with events throughout their lifecycle, from initial visits and registrations to major milestones like starting onboarding and creating projects. We host their projects via a subscription service, which they can modify or cancel. Invoices are issued regularly, and they can contact us for issues, feedback, or subscribe to our newsletter.

    Event examples

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